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Contest title


Healthcare Company Homepage Design and opportunity for 1 on 1 work afterwards


5 o'Clock Records let's doctors focus on their patients instead of on fulfilling medical record requests

Background information

Organization or website name

5 o'Clock Records

Description of the website and its target audience

5 o'Clock Records let's doctors focus on their patients instead of on fulfilling medical record requests. Doctors are burdened with phone calls from insurance companies and law firms who want medical records for their patients.

We have an online system that lets doctors charge insurance companies and law firms (finally someone charging them rather than us) and streamlines the request approval process for doctors.

We are part of the Blueprint Health program, which is a Techstars Network accelerator. If you do a good job, I have a bunch of other companies in our program that I will share your name with.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Existing website to reference

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

We are looking for the homepage design, including the header, page body, and footer.

We highly value simplicity, white space, appropriate use of fontgraphy and imagery. Colors should be blues and greens with lots of white background.

Iconography for the benefits, how you highlight sections, and creativity will be highly rated.

This page should accomplish the following things for visitors:

1. Provide a clear description of what 5 o'Clock Records is. Please use the following text:

2. Call to action for doctors to sign up for the program

Please use the attached wire frame as a guide in your design.

Please use the following text:
Headline: Make more money from your medical records
Sub-line: Focus on running your practice. We'll focus on improving your bottom line.

Key Benefits:

Make more money
Are you charging market rates for medical records? 5 O'clock Records helps you get market rates and increases your revenue

Save staff time
Your staff can focus on patient care and administering the back office more efficiently

Comply with HIPAA and Medicare RAC
Complete accounting of disclosures log of every request

User Quote:
I've been using 5 O'clock Records in our practice now for some time. It saves me a lot of time. We're a busy family practice and the phone calls from records requesters has become a real burden on our staff. 5 O'clock Records has eliminated most of those calls and streamlined the whole process. I don't know what I'd do without them now.
Lauren--medical records administrator, Provo, UT

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