Martin Tschammer picked a winning design in their web page design contest

For just $599 they received 54 designs from 20 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Frontpage for CoCreately. Planning to hire winner for more pages.


CoCreately is a place that helps people create things together. The concept is simple: You share your project and…

Background information

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

CoCreately is a place that helps people create things together. The concept is simple: You share your project and people who think it sounds interesting may request to join you - or you can invite them to join you.

It's hard to find the right people for your project - we want to change that. We want to help dedicated and enthusiastic creators find each other. And we want to help them actually finish their projects.

Think of it a bit like Kickstarter, except you're not looking for funding, you're looking for people to join your project.



Existing website to reference

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the Web page design

The following adverbs describe the look that we are going for: Warm, quirky, inviting, colorful, engaging, simple.

Feel free to experiment with textures that would go along nicely with the overall feel and the chosen colors.

Inspirational websites

    WHAT WE LIKE: Clean, crisp design. Nice way to highlight projects (banner of selected projects on top, list of projects beneath). WHAT WE DON'TLIKE: A bit too confusing - too many different kinds of project lists (the word "cluttered" comes to mind). Wastes valuable project-real-estate to advertise it's social functions ("Discover projects with your friends")
    WHAT WE LIKE: Nice way to present projects. WHAT WE DON'T LIKE: A tad boring.
    WHAT WE LIKE: Clean, crisp design. Nice separation of the different parts of the page by use of colors. Nice spacing.
    * WHAT WE LIKE: Clean, crisp design. Nice distinction of different site parts. Nice use of textures.
    WHAT WE LIKE: 1. Clean, crisp design. The scrolling effect on the top part is nice - this might be usable for the "Featured project" part (mentioned under "Middle part" in site description), should such a part be used in the design. 2. Nice use of transparency in the header. 3. Nice use of textures. 4. Has a nice "open" feel to it - doesn't feel cramped.

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

We are looking for a design for the homepage - the first thing a user sees when entering the site. In doing this, we are trying to establish the general and overall look and feel of the site - further pages will be build on this foundation.
In short: This is the most central and critical part of the entire site. If this part of the site fails to attract and engage the user, everything else does not matter.

The frontpage will contain a sample of the currently ongoing projects, split into two lists: Projects with open spots and Fully Staffed projects.

Please see the attached DESIGN_BRIEF.doc document to see what we imagine the frontpage to look like.

What to avoid

Colors we wish to avoid: Brown/Darker colors

Terms we would like to avoid: cluttered, confusing, intimidating, 90's design.

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