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This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer Sashan !

Contest title


New design with improved usability for EbookGratis.It


Our web site is all about ebooks: it has a search engine for free italian ebooks, a blog on the topic and an ebook store

Background information

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

Our web site is all about ebooks: it has a search engine for ebooks, a related blog and an ebook store. Most of our revenues are made from selling advertisement relevant to the ebook world.


Entertainment & The Arts

Existing website to reference

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

~~~~~~~~~~ General Guidelines: ~~~~~~~~~~

We need to reorganize the informative architecture without revolutionizing the original color scheme. The website needs to have a more seamless user experience i.e., unifying the search box in the blog.

We don’t want a bloated graphic, we prefer something very usable and minimalistic.

~~~~~~~~~~ Home Page: ~~~~~~~~~~

This is the main landing of the website, where users will perform searches. Please take example from or for the minimalistic usability point of view.

On this page we want a cross-reference to our blog, web store and twitter below the search bar. Please find the attached wireframe.

~~~~~~~~~~ Blog Page: ~~~~~~~~~~

This will be the home of our blog. It must be catchy and easy to read at the same time. Please check our existing one:

We don’t need to revolutionize the layout, but just reorganize the content and use the real estate advertisement in the most efficient way. We are open to your contribution on how to best reorganize this page, which will be used also as the page for the single blog entries.

~~~~~~~~~~ Search Result Page: ~~~~~~~~~~

The Search Result Page will be the second most visited page after the Home Page. We must encourage the visitors to spend more time on the website.

Currently we are displaying the search results using Google Custom. We plan to drop it in the long term future, but for the moment we are bounded by the limits posed by google on the customization of the result interface.

The custom search at the moment is our only source of results, but in the medium term we are planning to add more search sources i.e., search from our store, or another search engine. The designer should reserve some space to show search results from multiple sources in the most usable way.

~~~~~~~~~~ Logo: ~~~~~~~~~~

The logo may be adapted, if needed, to fit the new design, but only marginally as we still want it to be well recognizable by our readers.



The biggest revenues of the website come from the advertisements. We must find a way to maximize the clicks without bloating the users’ experience with too many ads. We are funding this contest to get the best ideas on how to solve this usability problem. We would like not only to see your designs but also your creative power, wits and most brilliant ideas directed to improve the website usability and navigability.