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Contest title


Create the next website design for sty-lo


We are basically trying to run a blog that divides into different sections, such as film,fashion,food,music,travel,lifestyle

Background information

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

We are basically trying to run a blog that divides into different sections, such as film,fashion,food,music,travel,lifestyle.
You could take a look at the websites that you could draw inspiration from.



Existing website to reference

Content details

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Page descriptions

On page 1,we would just like the one page concept,on the top there'd be our website's logo: "sty-lo", then right below, there'd be a bar displaying the different sections of the website, such as film,fashion,food,music,travel,lifestyle,but there'll also be an About us, Contact us section, so 8 in total. Then the most updated post will always be the main focus when one visits the website,then the older posts would follow once you scroll down, and besides the main picture of each post, there should be thumbnails of other pics that readers could click on near the word content.Please take a look at "Iphone 4S Product Details" in the following website for reference…e-4S-Video we want our pictures in that format, allowing our readers to look at the extra pictures for each post we make. And also, we'd like to have a comment section for each post, on the bottom of each post. Then there should be icons for twitter, facebook share somewhere nearby. Please take a look at the websites for reference.



We are trying to target male and female, age ranged from 15-35, mainly Chinese and Asians, people who are interested in lifestyle,films,music and fashion.