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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next website design for Laserdisc Vault


Laserdisc Vault : - Vintage Laserdiscs LD Hardware & Electronics Laserdisc Supplies Framed LD Jackets ecommerce

Background information

Organization or website name

Laserdisc Vault

Description of the website and its target audience

Laserdisc Vault : - Vintage Laserdiscs LD Hardware & Electronics Laserdisc Supplies Framed LD Jackets ecommerce


Entertainment & The Arts

Existing website to reference

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

The current Laserdisc Vault website is too dark and unappealing visually. Over all the current site doesn't say "vintage". It is an e-commerce site (Zen Cart) so please keep in mind that the overall goal of the site is to sell the product. The design must tell potential customers that this is a site that specializes in vintage titles.

My client likes many things about the two sites especially the VINTAGE LOOK and FEEL. (1930s to 1960s cinematography kind of look) The new site layout needs to include some of these kinds of design elements. In addition the new look needs to:

1. Incorporate the new logo into the site. The logo is attached.. (a vector based version of the logo is NOT available)
2. Clean & BRIGHT site (think Ebay & Amazon) which CLEARLY conveys that the focus of the site is on vintage movies.
3. BRIGHTER cleaner look while maintaining a vintage look and feel.
4. Incorporate vintage versions of the images in the attached zip files into the design.

That said we are not looking for a design which is a CLONE of the TCM site.. We used it as an example of the kinds of vintage touches we are looking for.

I know that submissions usually include current content in order for us to be able to view the new design in context with the site content..

Please be advised that MUCH of the homepage content on the current site is not going to be carried forward to the new site. The sidebars will likely remain, but the center content will definitely change.

The center content in your submission can show the following:
~ A widget row consisting of three content widgets (there is something similar to this on the current site)
~ A featured/special/new products section (prefer to see a grid layout as this is how it will be implemented on the site)
~ Home page slideshow

The order of these elements is not important, but it will help my client when reviewing the designs if they do not include site content that will not be part of the new site.

For your submissions think:
~ Old time Drive In theaters
~ Old movie projectors
~ Old movie props
~ Old movie posters
~ Anything related to old time movie experiences
~ Older vintage signs, marquees, popcorn machines and the actors and actresses from the 1930s to 1960s cinematography era.

Actors and actresses to draw inspiration from:
~ Humphrey Bogart
~ John Wayne
~ Elizabeth Taylor
~ Spencer Tracy
~ Lauren Bacall

I'd like to see designs using the actors, actresses, monsters that he likes. You may choose from the following laserdisc jackets from the current site:…cts_id=894…ts_id=8457…ts_id=1782…ts_id=8514…ts_id=2865…ts_id=7408…ts_id=1331…ts_id=1931…ts_id=2977…ts_id=6135…ts_id=6948…ts_id=7416…ts_id=8822…ts_id=3343

Genres that can be used for inspiration:
~ Horror & Sci-Fi (OLDER Horror and Sci-Fi, not modern stuff like star wars, the old original star trek is as modern as it should get)
~ Noir/gangster
~ The older James Bond films

I would prefer that the final deliverable to me be a layered Photoshop PSD file with all layers CLEARLY named so that I can identify the template elements easily (no weird/unidentifiable layer names like "98372764" or "image1" please).

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