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    Mon, 16 Apr 2012 15:49:00 +0000
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    Hello all! Allow me to explain this again. The template provided is to be *recreated*. Exactly the way Melwyn2010 did it in design #10. Meaning... her name is in a Dog tag. The home button is a button, the bio is on a chain, gallery looks like a photo, etc.... The order should be the same as well.

    The artist wants to see their sketch redone professionally. What *is* open to change is the header at the top. And we need to incorporate her picture into it.

    THEN if you you want to do your own version of the design as a SECOND submission you can.

    It will increase your chances of winning to follow her template, as it is her sketch of what she wants. You may then try to convince her of a different idea with a second submission.