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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Twitter background design


Create a Comic Book Style Twitter Background for International Film Fest

Background information

Organization name

Angelus Student Film Festival

Description of the organization and its target audience

The Angelus Student Film Festival honors student filmmakers as they create works that respect the dignity of the human person. Angelus winning films reflect themes such as REDEMPTION, DIGNITY, EQUALITY, HOPE, TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT, DIVERSITY and SPIRITUALITY. Since 1996, Angelus has brought visibility and attention to talented college/university/film school filmmakers in drama, comedy, documentary and animation. The festival centers around universal human values and independent voices.

Angelus is an International student festival and represents all cultures, faiths and backgrounds. The emphasis is on the human journey, and films that engage and impact the heart. Cinematic shorts well done, with emphasis on a story well told, infused with passion and originality is the heart of Angelus. Universal themes that resonate with all of us; whether comedy or drama, documentary or animation – that is what makes an Angelus film.

The vision of the Angelus Student Film Festival is simply to bring visibility and showcase excellence in student film and encourage young filmmakers to create works that engage the heart.


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


Angelus re-brands (redesigns its look) every year, with each new festival. Angelus needs a new twitter background to go with its new look for the 2012 festival. The new website is not up yet but it will mimic the attached posters.

The look for this year is a comic strip type feel. Please mimic the look and color scheme (brand identity) as portrayed in the attached posters.

Also notice the sponsor logos at the bottom of the poster. Please find those logos online and incorporate them in a similar fashion into the design (off to the side/the small top area), somewhere out of the way but visible.

Feel free to get creative with the extra space. Perhaps incorporate large comic strip styled versions of the Oscar award, and other film awards that past Angelus Films have gone on to win. Or to run with the comic theme and to portray the glamor of an event at the Directors Guild of America (Its a cool building so feel free to look it up). Or even show a comic strip of a student winning the award and changing their life.

We will need the ai. or .psd in addition to the .pdf/.jpg/.gif files because we will need to be able to edit the text when the event dates become available and change the specifics as they become known.

If you'd like to learn a little bit more about the festival to throw some extra awesome design work into thing you can read this article…_20080703/

Necessary Text (as seen on poster) (in any order and location you see fit):

Angelus Student Film Festival

October 12th (Date of the Event)

The Journey begins here. (Slogan)

Call For Entries June 1

Enter Today!

Grand Prize 10,000

Directors Guild Of America, Hollywood

(can use text or Facebook logo instead)

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