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Contest title


T-shirt for Topsy


Design a t-shirt and help clothe poor nerds.

Background information


Users of Topsy, friends, fans. This one guy in the Czech Republic who only has three shirts.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

We are Topsy - http://topsy.com We're a startup search engine for Twitter. Some example pages are here: http://topsy.com/s?q=99designs http://topsy.com/twitter/99designs http://topsy.com/top100?type=tweet We're a small company based in San Francisco consisting mostly of young, technical people, a certified Math Wizard, and one Van Halen. We're pretty laid back, but we work hard. We enjoy nerdy humor, things that look nice, and cool stuff. So, you know, we're pretty much like everyone else. Our blog is here: http://labs.topsy.com

Content details


We'd like to make t-shirts to give away for promotional reasons, to friends, etc. We're looking for you to be creative, but here are some guidelines: -Please use the same font as seen on http://topsy.com -The name Topsy must be included, can be in any case -You can use ideas you get from our site or blog or just come up with something cool -We thought about the possibility of including the phrase 'highly influential' which appears on our site as a badge for influential users, but this isn't required -We're not into having a count button (as appears on our site) on a shirt -Colors are pretty much wide open, but we think darker shirts are probably better (This means that it doesn't have to be orange) -Nothing lame like stock art, clip art, boring old fusty stuff -One of our fans in the Czech Republic emailed us and said he loves Topsy but only has three shirts, so we should send him one. We don't have any. So without your design poor Oleshin will be stuck with only his three crummy shirts. You couldn't live with that, could you?