Sleepis4Suckers needs a new t-shirt design


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Sleepis4Suckers needs a new t-shirt design



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Description of the organization and its target audience is a brand that geared toward the entrepreneur and anyone thats ever lost sleep doing what they love. This is a very hot streetwear brand that is shipping over sees, and we are looking for more designers to partner with.



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This particular concept is called, "Dream Chasers" The way I see it is, a few people running and reaching (chasing) after a cloud that for the word "DREAM". I dont really want silhouettes, I think I would like actual people possibly dressed in different clothes that depict different careers, ie, "sports figure, business man, skater, dj, etc." I would like to see your creative twist on it too. check out www. to see some of our current styles.



We dont have a defined demographic because most of our internet and oversees orders are 25-40 year old white, but our retail and entertainment industry supporters are 17-30 year old black and spanish. I dont think entrepreneurship has an age or color attached to it. I say that to say, make a design that both spectrums can respect and believe in