Multiple designs needed "bottle service" baby tee.

Brenda1990 picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest. For just $149 they received 21 designs from 5 designers.

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Runner-up design by devondad
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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Multiple designs needed "bottle service" baby tee.


Cool kid's design - bottle service.

Background information

To be used on

  • Boys
  • Girls

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the t-shirt design

The same set up a high end night club would use for their bottle service, but using baby bottles and cups instead.

Content details

Clothing or apparel to design

Not specified


Bottle Service

What to avoid

Please don’t try to be like another design who has a high rating.  We are a start up and need several very different designs of the same concept.  There may need to be a couple revisions after our feedback to be a winner, but we have no set number in our head and will pick as many as we love!!  Thanks for all your hard work!!

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