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Background information

Organization name

Listen To Sisson

Description of the organization and its target audience

Drummer/musician working to create Portland's Premier Portable Dance Party. Live drums. Lights. Lasers. I call the genre "Spacefunk meets Psychedelic Groove Pop."


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


I need an image for tshirts and maybe other items that immediately shows what I do. The visual aspect is half of what i do, the lights are as important as the beats. My lasers are three colors: red, purple and magenta (pinkish) and I want to make those colors an overall part of my "brand", if you will. I think my drums should somehow be represented in an image, but not necessarily a perfect representation, maybe something that appear to be drums but they're more just abstract images, or circles. Check the image I added of a drumset silhouette. I still like that idea. I like logos and graphics to be clean, not too much detail, easy lines, like Apple branding. Must have Kent Sisson or Listen To Sisson somewhere, like a band name would be.

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