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Hunting Club T-Shirt Design - Logo Provided!


Hunting Club T-Shirt - Logo Provided

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Whatever you think looks good with the logo...

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I am open to all visual styles. The only thing that I don't like is the cartoon look. This hunting club should have more of an official look even if its got that rustic feel. I like crisp graphics and have seen a lot of the tribal designed shirts that look pretty cool.

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Not specified


Slogan: Born & Raised
Logo: Uploaded logo.

I would like to create a shirt that has a rustic feeling. My logo does not include a picture of Ohio but I would like to incorporate one on the shirt some how. I have an uploaded example of something that I put together in fireworks. Feel free to incorporate the state any way you thing looks good. I have also attached some shirts that I thought looked good but it does not have to be exactly the the examples.

SLOGAN: The Born&Raised slogan is something that I am trying to use on the shirt to give the customer a sense of pride of being an Ohio Hunter.

My main website is:

What to avoid

Not really... I am open to any ideas designers may have.