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By qool80

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By Eld_74
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Congratulations to the winner, qool80!
T-shirt type

Standard short-sleeve T-Shirt

Target audience
  • Men
Logo to incorporate
Color of the t-shirt material
Required on the t-shirt

I would like this T-shirt design reworked and improved. I would like it to feature the slogan "Trench Warfare," definitely feature our url, "," and I would like the two football players to be redrawn to be more dynamic.

Style/theme ideas for the t-shirt

I am open to all idea, but I would like the artwork to be redrawn and improved so that the two football players are more like superheros yet no foolish that it looks like a caricature. I would like to capture the essense of the power, strength, and fight between two stong linemen playing football.

What to avoid

This is going to be a white logo on a black T-shirt. So I would like it to be detailed enough to capture the "fight" and "power" of the image, but not so detailed that have to study the picture to determine what it is.

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