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Afghanistan: Army Platoon T-Shirt Contest

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I am a Staff Sergeant currently serving in the United States Army, deployed at Camp Mike Spann, (located in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif), Afghanistan. I am entering this contest to put together a morale-boosting “platoon t-shirt” that we can wear under our uniform overcoats in place of the plain, sand colored t-shirts that we are issued. The color of this t-shirt must still be the standard military sand colored undershirt, but may have designs and logos on it (hence why I’m entering this contest). I would also like the design to be printed on a thin-material t-shirt, as it gets extremely hot at our location (google “sand colored moisture-wicking army undershirt” for an example). FYI: Our unit is called the “37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.”

I would like the general design of this t-shirt to be ‘military’ in style (i.e. font as if it were spray painted on using stencils, etc.). I have uploaded a picture of a Soldier caught peeing on an infrared camera, and would like the t-shirt to have this image printed on the back (in a larger image if possible, without being pixilated), with “BDOC” written in large lettering above the image and “We Own the Night” underneath the image (at a minimum, the t-shirt should have this idea reflected in the aforementioned description as closely as possible, the rest of the suggestions I provide are flexible and may be tweaked as the designer sees needed).

Having this picture with the previously described slogans will be ironic among the rest of my Soldiers because we all work as a part of our camp’s Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC), of which we monitor infrared cameras on a regular basis. FYI: other duties in the BDOC include managing the camp’s guard force and maintaining overall force protection.

On the front of the t-shirt, I would like to see a logo on the left breast, with an outline of the country of Afghanistan, with something marking the location of our base (Camp Mike Spann) inside the country outline (i.e. a star, bullet, or any creative way of using a military type of symbol to mark our location). I would like to see “Afghanistan” or “Operation Enduring Freedom 2012” or “Camp Mike Spann” (or any variation of the three) somehow incorporated into the left breast logo (i.e. one above the country outline and another below the country outline, etc.). On the left or right sleeve of the t-shirt, I would like to see our Brigade’s unit patch (see uploaded image), with our brigade name written in a circle around the patch logo (37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team). FYI: Our Brigade’s slogan is “One Team, One Fight” so feel free to incorporate this somewhere on the t-shirt as well. Also, feel free to incorporate any other patriotic ideas/symbols (i.e. a divided flag with half United States of America, and half Afghanistan, etc.) or “Operation Enduring Freedom 2012” etc.

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"Camp Mike Spann," image of the Soldier caught peeing on an infrared camera (see uploaded image), "Operation Enduring Freedom 2012," "Afghanistan," "37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team."

I would like to see the “Us Army IR Flag” on the right sleeve of the t-shirt (see newly uploaded image for example), as it is worn on the US Army Combat Uniform while deployed (while still having my Brigade’s Unit Patch on the left sleeve). The IR Flag is displayed on the Army Uniform on the right sleeve, depicted in the following fashion: with the stars side of the flag toward the front of the individual wearing the shirt, and the stripes end of the flag going towards the back of the individual.


Also, I would like my Brigade's Unit Patch to be displayed on the left sleeve, (with "37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team" and "One Team One Fight" also on the left sleeve.