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Dickwang picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest. For just $149 they received 36 designs from 14 designers.

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Contest title


Create a winning t-shirt design


Not specified

Background information

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  • Men

Visual style

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Style/theme ideas for the t-shirt design

Colors should be blue, orange, grey, white and black. Letters for Lusanity should have a 3-D quality to them

Content details

Clothing or apparel to design

Not specified


We want a Lusanity t-shirt that celebrates our friend's engagement by playing off of the recent basketball phenomenon. The t-shirt should reference our friend Dave Lu and his last name of Lu. It should follow the design of popular t-shirts identically (color scheme of blue, orange, grey, white and black) except for the name (mentioned above) and using the Chinese character for dragon instead of initials. I cannot draw but put a very childish sketch to give you a sense.

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