Create Trendy T-shirt Design for Urban Forestry Non-profit!

UpWithTreesORG picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest. For just $479 they received 354 designs from 83 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create Trendy T-shirt Design for Urban Forestry Non-profit!


We are looking for a t-shirt design that will make a statement; people will wear it & feel good supporting a worthy cause.

Background information


We are aiming at those (young and old alike) who are interested in “living green,” inner-city sustainability, environmental awareness, and the countless benefits of city trees.

Brand Name

Planting, preserving and promoting Tulsa's urban forest.

Brief Summary

Up With Trees is a 501(c) 3 non-profit that is dedicated to making Tulsa a more beautiful and healthier community. Up With Trees is an established leader in planting, preserving and promoting Tulsa's urban forest. Created in 1976, Up With Trees has utilized generous efforts from volunteers to plant more than 23,000 trees in Tulsa and surrounding areas.

Content details


Examples of what would be ideal: Urban, art deco, modern and/or trendsetting blend of city meets forest. We want to offer these shirts in local retail shops that sell trendy shirts with slogans and hip designs. Wants • Personality • Uniqueness, (lets stand out from the rest) • Bold &/or Vibrant Designs • Clarity - please make sure the designs are clean • Clean design with concept visuals and urban influence • These t-shirts need to distinguish the owner’s commitment to the cause • We may want to use this across other clothing and products so bear in mind. • Our non-profit name "Up With Trees" • The clever use of the city "Tulsa" • Elements of tree(s) or leaves and elements of city/downtown skyline Option to have silhouette or outline look We would like the style to be clean and fitting to designate those who are committed to promoting urban forestry in and around Tulsa. Will give feedback daily. Don't Wants • Evergreen, palm or other non-native trees • Too many colors • "Cutesy" or "busy" design

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