Entry #28 - T-shirt design - by qool80
By qool80

Retco Glass, Inc. picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest

For just $149, they received 9 designs from 8 designers.

What a great idea for designs. I am a small business and this was a great way for us to get a great design. —

From logos and business cards to websites and stationery, you can get anything designed by running your own design contest on 99designs.

Create the next t-shirt design for Retco Glass, Inc.


Bronze T-Shirt package

Purchased for $149

(including 99designs fees)

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  • The contest was open to all designers


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  • Final round
  • Finalists continued to submit designs


  • Selected a winner
  • The contest holder awarded a winner


Congratulations to the winner, qool80!