Entry #14 - T-shirt design - by de4
By de4

Lock Sicker picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest

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By Skids321
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Congratulations to the winners! de4, Arkeo

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Design brief

Organization name

Lock Sicker

Description of business

Lock Sicker is a premium men's denim company, currently focused on raw denim blue jeans.

Organization industry



We are looking for a high end t-shirt design utilizing our logos and/or staying true to the spirit of our company. We don't want anything too loud or crazy (e.g. "Affliction", "Ed Hardy", etc.). We are looking for simple, yet iconic, graphic t's. Something that can be worn anywhere. We like the vintage t-shirt look, but that is by no means a requirement. The company is brand new, so we are still defining our "image", so feel free to be as creative as you want.

Further requirements

We are Lock Sicker: a father/daughter venture focused on bringing premium jeans to market. All components of the jeans, from the fabric to the custom buttons to the hand stamped leather labels, are made in the USA. So when we say "Made in USA" we really mean it.

Lock Sicker's strong brand identity is meant to reflect important elements of the founder's life. For example, he was born in Glasgow, Scotland; hence the company name Lock Sicker, which derives from a Gaelic phrase meaning "Be Sure". The company's logo, the boar chained to an oak, is his family's crest. He lived in Haiti in the early 1960's, where a majority of the population practices Vodoo, a religion based on West African Arawakian and Catholicism. The custom made buttons are the veve (symbol) for Papa Legba, a Haitian Vodoo Iwa. Papa Legba is the gatekeeper between the material and spiritual worlds, and is equated by some with Saint Peter.

Our motto is: When in doubt, Lock Sicker.

Our jeans are raw denim. Raw denim is denim fresh off the loom. It hasn't been put through any processing or been washed. When you buy a pair of raw denim jeans, the goal is to let the stiff and untreated denim learn the curves and movement of your body, creasing where your body bends and fading in all the right places. The result is a truly individual pair of jeans.

Our demographic is preppy, but hip. They feel just as comfortable in a tuxedo as they do in board shorts. They range in age from 18-60. They value style and quality and are willing to pay for it. They summer in Newport, RI, winter in Palm Beach, and spend the rest of their time in places like New York, LA, SF, Miami and Houston/Austin.

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