MPurcell picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest

For just $149 they received 48 designs from 10 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next t-shirt design for Classic Playfield Reproductions Pinball Art Team


we produce restoration parts for old classic pinball machines

Background information

Organization name

Classic Playfield Reproductions Pinball Art Team

Description of the organization and its target audience

we produce restoration parts for old classic pinball machines. We have a team of graphics artists all over the world who reproduce the original artwork that came on the pinball machines from the past. Our target market is collectors of classic pinball machines.


Art & Design

Content details


We have an art team of about 30 people and we'd like an "Art Team" T shirt that I can give out for free to our artists that reflects what they do, recreating the old artwork from the past, essentially breathing new life into old pinballs. I'd prefer something that has the year on it so that I can get a new design every year to keep it new and fun. I'd like it to be fun, with at least a touch of humor, and since beautiful artwork and sexy girls are a big part of classic pins and their artwork. Our Initials are CPR so using that and something like "bringing old pins back to life", "breathing life into classic Pinball" something like that but I'm not married to either or anything really. Would like to see "Art Team 2012" or something like that on the shirt. Other than that, I'd like it pinball themed, maybe with a sexy girl or other pinball recognized items, a popbumper, flippers or pinballs. etc... We produce licensed designs for Williams, Bally, Stern, Data East etc so very small logos from these companies would be OK too.

If possible limit the colors 4 as we own a 4 color screen press and can print them in house if it's only 4 colors. If you have a killer design that uses more then I'll have them inkjet printed but would like to have the choice of producing them in house.

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