Create an awesome tshirt design for Generation BBOY

Gen BBOY picked a winning design in their t-shirt contest. For just $145 they received 87 designs from 25 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create an awesome tshirt design for Generation BBOY


We hustle Bboy (break dance) related gear and clothing

Background information

Organization name

Generation BBOY

Description of the organization and its target audience

We sell Bboy (break dance) related gear and clothing. We generally focus more on ART and FUNCTIONALITY over in your face branding. We have sponsored many competitions and support the local urban art and dance scene by donating a % of profits to events.



Content details


The current clothing out there is not very professional, low quality, and many bboy brands like biggest & baddest are focused on in your face branding rather than the expression of ideas or art. Also brands like cypher styles are terrible and seem like a child sketched some bboy poses and printed them on shirts. There is much room for improvement in bboy focused clothing. I want to create a high quality fashion tshirt line for bboys.

I would like to create or provide a simple bold design that would attract and inspire bboys and bgirls to train harder, pursue their passions, and look good doing it.

Bboying to many is about one pushing the limits creatively and physically of what they can do. I have put together a small list of sayings that I think express this idea simply:
"going all-out"
"shine brighter"
"unleash the hero"
"put it to the test"
"don't go easily"
"awaken the beast within"
"rise and shine"

I'm thinking one of these sayings or similar in cool typography with accent graphics that convey power and energy with some sort of a simple confident bboy pose silhouette/illustrated character (attachment: the freshest ones.jpg). I also recently attached two images of a great poses/freezes that can be used to create the character (freeze 1 & freeze 2).

While I don't mind a couple colors (requested color scheme listed below), I like the bold graphics and simplicity of this brand:

The Generation BBOY hand logo doesn't have to be in the design but "GB" (the letters only) would be cool to sneek in there some where.

This design must be for dark colored shirts. I like the design to be whites, blues, and/or reds, on a maroon, navy, or black shirt. So, I have attached some t-shirts with that color scheme.

The generic "bboy" image should NOT be used. I have already seen a couple designs use this.


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