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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Basketball Elite needs a new t-shirt design


We scout and cover basketball at all levels, from grassroots to the pros. This shirt design should evoke the lifestyle of a seri

Background information

Organization name

Basketball Elite

Description of the organization and its target audience

We scout and cover basketball at all levels, from grassroots to the pros. We also organize elite showcases and work with a few NBA players on elite camps.



Content details


We are looking for our great 'urban' style basketball design. We want something that really fits our customer's taste and style - see the Nike Basketball links for inspiration:…Id=3356438

Most of our customers like hip-hop and the gritty urban style, so this should work to evoke that.

This shirt will be 1-2 colors, most likely on a red, black or maroon shirt (although a white shirt that really 'pops' could work) and incorporate the slogan "Rise and Grind" ( or "Rise & Grind" and should incorporate a streetball feel, more than likely a stylized basketball, but we're open to styles which will work. This should be a design that might be worn by NBA players, college players or elite high school players.

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