New stationery wanted for Aaron Zakowski

Aaron.zakowski picked a winning design in their stationery contest. For just $199 they received 102 designs from 20 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New stationery wanted for Aaron Zakowski


Awesome Business Card needed for Marketing Consultant

Background information

Description of the organization and its target audience

The business card should promote my name, Aaron Zakowski, as the primary branding. I don't want my company name on the card other than in the website URL.

I am an independent Internet Marketing Consultant. I help medium to large size companies to improve their websites by studying site analytics, understanding user behavior on the site and then developing and implementing a plan to improve the user experience and design of the site to increase conversion rates and sales. In addition, I do lots of Social media consulting.

Target Audience
Audience consists of website owners, brand advertisers, ad agency reps and other internet marketing professional. Anyone interested in improving the effectiveness of their website or sales funnel and increasing sales.



Existing website to reference

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the stationery

- The card should be clean and bold.
- I want the cards to really stand out from other cards and get noticed (If someone receives 50 biz cards at a convention, I want them to notice mine in the stack. Without being too obnoxious).
- My name should be large and stand out on the card
- Colors and fonts should be based on my website and logo (i.e. Orange, Blue and white)
- I will probably print the cards with Matte Finish
- I have uploaded one design that I found on 99designs that I like. You can do something similar to this or amaze me with your own creative ideas.

Content details

Organization name

Logo to incorporate

Details to include on the stationery

Front of card: Name, Title (Internet Marketing Consultant), US Phone, Israel Phone, Email, Website

Back of card: Logo and bullet points of services (as follows)

- Conversion Rate Optimization
- Shopping Cart Optimization
- Landing Page Testing
- Website Analytics
- Social Media Strategy
- Lead Generation

What to avoid

Don't be boring.

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