Picaboo 5" x 7" Flat Graduation Party Invitations (will award up to 15 designs!)

Picaboo picked a winning design in their stationery contest. For just $195 they received 351 designs from 17 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Picaboo 5" x 7" Flat Graduation Party Invitations (will award up to 15 designs!)


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Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

Picaboo (http://www.picaboo.com) is a premier provider of photo books, cards, calendars and more. With Picaboo, anyone with digital photos can create beautiful keepsakes. Unlike photofinishing websites, Picaboo does not force you to spend hours uploading photos before you create a project. Rather, with Picaboo installed, you can make a complete, ready-to-order book in minutes. The technology behind Picaboo is comprised of an elegant client-side application and back-end network that makes creating, sharing, buying and updating photo projects simple.



Content details


Picaboo is looking to add several new Flat 5”x 7” Graduation Party Invitation designs to our card collection. While we prefer designs without photos, you can include submissions with a photo or two. All designs should include space for the traditional invitation details (graduate’s name, party date & time, party location, and RSVP info).

We are looking to award up to 15 winners if there are enough designs that we like so submit as many as you like.

File Requirements
General Requirements:
• Designs must be created in Illustrator.
• Designs must be created in RGB.
• Card designs can be portrait or landscape orientation.
• Designs must be created using the attached templates.
• The design must bleed full to all edges through the crop zone area and be sure to keep important details of your design within the provided guides.
• Place components on the appropriate layers set up in the provided templates (embellishments, images, editable text, and background).
• Be sure all elements are individual vector elements grouped by the same fill/stroke.
• Do not use pattern swatches without converting them as stated above.
• Precisely align all text/elements as appropriate for the design.
• Elements may overlay on top of photos.
• Create thumbnail of design in JPG format excluding the crop zone in addition to submitting the AI file.

Photo Requirements:
• Designs may include 1, 2, 3, or 4 photos or no photos at all. Photos can be different sizes and orientations.
• If your design includes photos, please use the provided stock images and embed them in your AI file.
• Photos can be square, rectangles, circles, ovals, or hearts. Other shapes are not permitted for this contest.
• Embed all photos.

Text Requirements:
• If you create text as a fixed design embellishment (meaning it will be the same for every customer and will not be customized by the customer), it can be any font.
• If you create text that will be variable and editable by the customer, it must be an allowed font. Use allowed fonts (in attached zipped list).
• Use “Area Text Boxes” (click and drag to create text box, then type) rather than “Point Type Text Boxes” (click and type) for editable text.
• Do not group text.
• Do not change the kerning on any editable text.

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