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Contest title


Fort Fun Deals Facebook cover


group buying site

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the social media page

Colors to be blue and green. (possibly a purple color if needed)
Fun and Bright!
Open to different textures
Modern shapes.

You could include pictures of:
restaurants: dinners
Spas: massages
Hair and Nail salons: lady getting hair or nails done
Golf courses: golfing
Entertainment: sporting events (baseball games, basketball games)
Family outings: Biking, canoeing, go-karts, bowling

Content details

Social media page to design

Facebook cover

Logo to incorporate


website address:
phone #: 260-312-1051
twitter link:

(info not required on page) about us:
We are a group buying site dedicated to the city of Fort Wayne Indiana. I hate to say this... because they are our competition...but you can compare us to Groupon but on a smaller scale. (one city)

We will have members join our e-mail subscriber list on our website. I have a way to integrate my e-mail provider (mailchimp) into the facebook page for members to join as well.

(info required on page) examples
Come experience YOUR city with our great deals
Come experience Fort Wayne with our great deals
Fort Wayne's exclusive Daily Deal Website
Experience YOUR city!