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Contest title


Banner Stand Design wanted for a Technology Start-Up


We are looking for a design for a roller banner stand for a conference.

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

We provide risk management technology and analytics for financial services companies.



Content details


We are looking for a design for a roller banner stand.

The banner stand will be used at a conference (on an exhibition stand) and should quickly inform visitors about our offering. It should contain our logo, and use our brand colours (blue + green) as per the attached eps file.

The text:

OpenGamma + R
The ideal solution for portfolio simulations

(The name 'OpenGamma' should be replaced by our company logo, supplied here as an eps file).

Artwork specs:
* 850mm wide x 2150mm high page size
* No less than 150dpi resolution at full size
* CMYK colour mode
* The font to be used should be Apertura Condensed
* The bottom 200mm of the page height is non-viewable and therefore no important content should be placed in this area. However, the background colour/image should run all the way into the non-viewable region.
* Please provide EPS and PDF files

I am attaching two crude mock-ups for some ideas about how the design might be realised, but we are very open to alternative suggestions.



"+ R" stands for an integration we've built between our product and R, a statistical programming language. The banner will be used for an audience that is familiar with what R is.

No need to use Apertura for the initial concepts; correct font files can be provided at a later stage for the winning design.



We are looking to potentially collaborate with the successful designer on two further banner stand designs (similar style).