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    Im not sure if this just didnt come up, but i thought i was pretty clear on the concept:

    We are using this sinage to print posters to put in public transportation ad slots. The size must be 11”h x 43”w
    Concept: Provide enterprise technology for small businesses. This allows them to keep up with large global organizations and more technology-enabled businesses. We help boost productivity, improve communications, simplify business processes, get full value from resources/applications, and manage costs effectively. We were thinking something funny showing a smaller business vs. a larger business (represented by an animal, object, or person) in a competition or just measuring up and having Noviant/Cisco technology helping them compete with or beat out the “large business”. Basically leveling the playing field via the technology.

    We are open to ideas on the ad concept but our idea was having a turtle and a rabbit racing. The turtle would be the “small business” having a jet pack that represents the technology helping him fly past the rabbit effortlessly who is sweating and exerting himself.

    TAG LINE: Want to compete with the “big guys”? Our Enterprise Class Cisco Technology for small business gets your company where it needs to go faster.

    NOTE: We want to avoid making the “small business” look bad or incapable.
    We want the Cisco logo and the noviant logo visible and we want a strong/noticeable call to action.
    Call to action: For a Free Network Assessment and 15% off your first purchase visit us or call us at (917) 534-6455 ext.4.