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Salese Dry Mouth consumer packaging


Silver Product packaging package

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Congratulations to the winner, Ponteresandco!

Top entries

Design brief

Organization name

Nuvora, Inc.

Description of business

Nuvora, Inc. has developed a unique drug delivery technology for the mouth. The resulting product is a soft lozenge that slowly dissolves in the mouth.

Organization industry

Cosmetics & Beauty


Salese Packaging Design Brief

To redesign the Salese shelf pack to be more contemporary and communicate the key consumer benefits of:

• Long lasting relief from Dry Mouth
• Fights the symptoms of Dry Mouth

In addition, the redesign should also communicate:

• Innovative, dentist recommended technology.
• Specialty oral care product that noticeably solves a real consumer need.

About 20% of the total US population suffers from Dry Mouth. Dry mouth increase with age and nearly 40% of the 55 year and older population suffers from Dry Mouth. The reason is because the majority of Dry Mouth is caused by over 1,800 OTC and Rx medication. The more medication a person takes the higher the chance of suffering from Dry Mouth.

This design brief is for the Peppermint variant. There will 3 more variants which will be based on the final Peppermint design:
1. Mild Lemon (sensitive formulation)
2. Natural (all natural product)
3. Wintergreen (flavor variant to peppermint)
Additional money will be awarded to the winning design to complete the adaptation to the above listed variants.

Pack Dimensions: See dye cut for our Dentiva product

Printing: Four color (no special colors)

Target Audience: 55% female, 45% male
Age: 55 plus
HH Income: $55,000 +

Geographic Region: National
Trade Channel: Pharmacy

Salese Packaging Design Brief (cont’d)

Body Copy (hang tag front)

Clinically tested to last longer than Biotene or OraMoist

Nothing works like it
Fight the discomfort and symptoms of Dry Mouth causing medications
High Blood Pressure

Body Copy (box front)

Salese (logo) with Xylitol (option to update/redesign the Salese logo)
Dry Mouth Comfort

Formulated for none to moderate oral irritation (could also be a graphic to indicate level of irritation)

Hours of dry mouth relief and protection

Restores Moist Mouth Feel
Kills Plaque Bacteria
Neutralizes Acidic pH
Freshens Breath
Alcohol and Sugar Free

Dentist Recommended

12 moisturizing soft lozenges


Draft Body Copy (back)
Clinically tested to last longer than Biotene or OraMoist

Salese (logo)
Dry Mouth Comfort
Medications known to cause dry mouth: Pain, Colds, High Blood Pressure, Allergies, Diabetes, Asthma, Obesity, Anxiety, Depression, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease.
Salese’s moisturizing 4-way action formulation provides hours of relief from dry mouth discomfort. Helps to protect teeth and gums from the damaging symptoms of dry mouth throughout the day. Nothing works like it.
• Xanthan gum locks in moisture for hours of dry mouth comfort
• Essential oils and xylitol fight plaque bacteria that lead to cavities and gingivitis
• Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes pH to prevent acid erosion of tooth enamel
• Natural mint and Zinc fights bad breath throughout the day
Allow moisturizing slow melt to dissolve in the mouth without biting or chewing. Occasionally move around in your mouth. Keep in mouth for as long as desired or until slow melt is dissolved.
Nutritional Facts
Ingredient List

Further requirements

Important to note that the design for Salese must be adaptable to additional variants as described in the brief. Also, the Salese and Dentiva (see dyeline) products should be recognizable to come from the same company, but also be distinct from each other (Salese vs. Dentiva).

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