product packaging for Mombacho Gold

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product packaging for Mombacho Gold


We sell natural honey from our farm located in Nicaragua. It is in a volcano called Mombacho.

Background information

Organization name

Mombacho Gold

Description of the organization and its target audience

We sell natural honey from our farm located in Nicaragua. It is in a volcano called Mombacho.


Food & Drink

Content details


We need a design for the label that will be placed on our honey bottles.

A couple of themes we'd like to explore in our new logo and label would be the tropical/exotic appeal of an organic honey product from Nicaragua. Typically honey bottles use warm color schemes, like gold yellow orange white and brown, and go for a "gourmet" presence. Although we are not opposed to seeing a version that follows this traditional scheme, we think we would fare better with a version that emphasizes nature and the tropics (usage of greens brown blue, maybe include animals or trees or vines or something along those lines).

Mombacho is a volcano situated on a lake in Nicaragua, and our farm is on the skirts of the volcano, which is where the honey is produced. We'd like to incorporate some type of sketch or vision or allusion to the volcano in the logo.

Also the fact that most honeys are produced on farms with one type of crop or flower, say corn farms, where as this honey is multifloral from wild flowers in the Mombacho volcano should be highlighted.

I am attaching a picture of the packaging for Cafe Britt which should serve as a reference for the theme we have in mind for our label. I am also including a picture of Mombacho, which you can see blew its top so now it is like a plateau or not quite triangular.

Again, the idea is to have a label that conveys the imagery of nature, exotic tropics, a product from a foreign land that is interesting.

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