product packaging for Cirquility

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

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product packaging for Cirquility


Cirquility is a social startup that provides energy-saving technology to lower-income homeowners, free of charge

Background information

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Description of the organization and its target audience

Cirquility is a social startup that provides energy-saving technology to lower-income homeowners, free of charge. Energy is one of the most regressive expenses in the United States, and some lower-class homeowners use as much as 40% of their income just to keep the lights on. Struggling homeowners can’t afford expensive home renovations, so they keep paying more for energy. Cirquility helps them upwards and onwards. We provide them that technology for free, and then bill them half of the money they save from using it. That way, they save every month, making this technology available to everyone.

Right now, Cirquility is just getting off the ground, so we’re focusing heavily on energy efficient light bulbs. We are launching a poster design contest to help build our image as a company that is loyal to its customers and wants to help them get out of a bad situation. Key themes are hope, helping those in need, and someone having your back when you’re down.


Home Furnishing

Content details


Cirquility is looking for a poster conceptually based on the Accenture Airport Advertising campaign (…ising.aspx). We are NOT looking for this style to be copied directly, but we think the general idea of an evocative image with soft text in the foreground suits the intent of our campaign very well.

We are trying to establish ourselves as a company that cares about its customers, and our target market is young and middle-aged homeowners, so the poster should focus on positive imagery, particularly family. We want a poster to emphasize the things you can get for a family or home using the saved money. Poster should incorporate the phrase “You can’t put a price on a brighter future.” It should also incorporate Cirquility’s motto—“Lighting the way forward.” The motto should be placed reasonably near Cirquility’s logo.

As an example of the sort of campaign we’re looking for, one idea that was tossed around was the image of a graduating girl, and the text: “Yale Tuition, $200,000” and below that “You can’t put a price on a brighter future,” with Cirquility’s logo and the motto to one side. This is just an example; we do not particularly want academics as a theme and do not need to be that close to the Accenture campaign. We’d love to see some variation and artists interpretation of the themes we’re looking for.

Submission must be in a digital file suitable for high-resolution color printing. Must not contain any materials not suitable for commercial use (no unauthorized stock images). Cirquility logo does not need to be included as-is, changing the font, color etc is fine. We would also accept stylistic modifications like replacing the “I” with a light bulb, including a background image, or other changes. Final size is a 24’’x36’’ poster.

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