Create the next product packaging for Pram Shade Clip

Adam77747 picked a winning design in their product packaging contest. For just A$499 they received 46 designs from 10 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next product packaging for Pram Shade Clip


We sell a pram accessory to retailers

Background information

Organization name

Pram Shade Clip

Description of the organization and its target audience

We sell a pram accessory to retailers.



Content details


Pram Shade Clip requires a fresh modern new design for its product packaging. It must be visually striking and encourage impulse purchases.

Packaging Dimensions - refer to mock-up attached.

The look and feel needs to be fun and modern and capture the essence of what our product is used for to maximise impulse purchases in retail outlets.

Brand mark – logo in various formats attached. The 3 colours in the logo need to be changed to the following fluro colours:

Blue - Pantone 801C

Yellow - Pantone 803 C

Pink - Pantone 806C

If it doesn't look to busy incorporate the following

Easy to use
Attaches to most pram hoods and strollers

Image – I have attached various images for you to play around with as you see fit. Be mindful of the placement of the clips (mock-up attached) although there are gaps between the products so as long as the clips are clearly visible above the products. Crop as you see fit, I cropped and came up with image PSC_04 - the vertical style shot could be used for the bottom 3/4 quarters of the packaging whereby the clips are clearly shown in the area above the actual products.

Back Artwork
Little creative licence here needs to be systematically laid out font and logo to be grayscale.

Brand mark

The Pram Shade Clip is a stylish way of attaching a muslin wrap or blanket to your pram hood. No more unsightly pegs or hair clips, the Pram Shade Clip is the fashionable way to keep your baby protected from the elements.

© Copyright Pram Shade Clip Pty Ltd
All Rights Reserved
Pram Shade Clip™ is a trade mark of Pram Shade Clip Pty Ltd

Recycled symbol

Barcode (attached)

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