Rescuechocolate picked a winning design in their product packaging contest

For just $799 they received 73 designs from 21 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the Counter Display for Rescue Chocolate's Life-Saving Sweets!


Rescue Chocolate is a line of vegan chocolates out of Brooklyn, NY that exists to donate all of our net profits to animal rescue

Background information

Organization name

Rescue Chocolate

Description of the organization and its target audience

Rescue Chocolate is a line of vegan chocolates out of Brooklyn, NY that exists to donate all of our net profits to animal rescue groups. Each of our flavors highlights a different animal rescue issues to raise awareness about ways to help homeless pets.


Food & Drink

Content details


We need POP displays (countertop display boxes) to display and ship our seven chocolate bar flavors. We would like to have a single design that can be used with any of the flavors, with the flavor indicated by checkmark perhaps from the list of flavors on the side. Or, if the flavors are listed on the top of the display, we could punch out a hole for the particular flavor.

The product is sold in health food stores, yoga studios, animal rescue shops, and even pet supply stores, so the display should feel at home in any of these settings as well as be able to convey that this is a product FOR HUMANS and not for pets to eat.

I've attached our logo and a couple of labels of our bars.

We want the box packaging to include the following:
* Company Name: Rescue Chocolate
* Supporting statement: The Sweetest Way to Save a Life
* Names of each flavor to be listed:

1. Peanut Butter Pit Bull
2. Foster-iffic Peppermint
3. Mission Feral Fig
4. Fakin’ Bacon
5. The Fix
6. Pick Me! Pepper
7. Forever Mocha

*Other features: 100% Vegan. Kosher. Made in Brooklyn. For Humans Only.

*Misc: We will want to add a brief 'history/educational section to
the display. Therefore, please create room for a block of 4 sentences and perhaps a photo on the side or back of the box (not in front).

The demographics we are focusing on are men and women from teens to seniors. Animal-lovers and pet-owners are our biggest demographic. We want the display to have an uplifting look, hip, clean, classy, and innovative. We want our chocolates to stand out amongst all the fine chocolates that currently exist as counter space is very precious to retailers.

I could be open to a new logo or transformation.

Take a look at our website to get a feel for our current aesthetic:

The dimensions of the bars are 11.5cm (4.5”) long 5cm (1.97”) wide 1cm (.4”) high. The display box will hold 24 bars. It will be 4.5” long, 9.6” deep, and .5” high where the bars are, but higher in the back as in the sample display images attached. The attached display boxes are just ideas, I'm open to different interpretations of displaying the chocolates, though the box that serves as the display should ideally be the box they're shipped in (similar to Clif bars, or Luna Bars).

Please cut the background out of any photo used of our founder and her dog. The photo does not have to be used at all.

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