Sleek, Modern Cheese Label

Taanugfoods picked a winning design in their product label contest. For just $199 they received 59 designs from 9 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Sleek, Modern Cheese Label


Market authentic Dutch Cheese to the international market

Background information

Organization name

Taanug Foods

Description of the organization and its target audience

Sells high quality Dutch Cheese to the international market.


Food & Drink

Content details


Marketing real Dutch cheese, it is important to give the feel of this being an authentic Dutch product. At the same time it is very important for us that the label should give over a sleek, professional, clean impression. (No tacky tulips and windmills ... no problem with the tulips or windmills, its the tacky that we don't like!)

The label will be attached to the yellowy/orange wax coating.

The Cheese will be called "Echte Hollandse Kaas" possibly in nice gothic text.

Under the name of the cheese should be written "Authentic Dutch Gouda"... and somewhere it should say, "Made according to Traditional Dutch Farmhouse Methods.

It has to say on it "Kaas bereid met rauwe melk. 48+" (small text not in your eye)

There needs to be a clear white box on the bottom of label, where the cheese tracking number will be written by hand. And a small oval where the 5 digit farm number will go).

There should be room on the bottom for us to add certification and health safety logos.

We will need 2 labels each in 2 sizes. (Same design theme).
Label one will be a round label in 60mm and 110mm.

Label two will also be round but the design will be divided into triangles (which will be cut when the cheese is cut into wedges). It will be needed in 390mm with 16 triangular designs and 390 mm with 24 triangular designs. (There needs to be a little space in between each triangle, to give room for it to be cut)

We will need the raw photoshop files, to make small changes later on, and to add the certifications as we get them. (We need the label now for tradeshows and samples).

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