JimmyBar! needs a new product label

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Contest title


JimmyBar! needs a new product label


we make healthy all natural energy bars using organic fruit and nuts

Background information

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Description of the organization and its target audience

We make healthy all natural energy bars using organic fruit and nuts. The "anytime" bars are not for hard-core jocks, just people who want a healthy snack that doesnt have any sugar, additives or junk. Simple, honest, light hearted, straight forward, the bar names will have a little sense of humor.


Food & Drink

Content details


I need my bar wrapper designed. For right now I want two flavors. The bar name is JimmyBar! so i want the name (logo) front and center on the bar and the flavor and ingredients, 2.0 oz.  

1Peanut butter clutter- (peanuts, dates,  almonds)

2. "a lil chippy"- dates, almonds, chocolate chips, peanuts

On the back will be the nutritional info and 

99% of " healthy energy bars" are loaded  artificial sweeteners and sugar , they are essentially candy bars. Seems a little dishonest to me, that's why I created the JimmyBar!  We only use healthy whole food, and no added sugar. 7 ingredients or less.....the "Anytime bar" Enjoy!

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