Custom Label Shop needs a Bath & Beauty products label

Richard2027 picked a winning design in their product label contest. For just $195 they received 112 designs from 15 designers.

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Contest title


Custom Label Shop needs a Bath & Beauty products label


This is one for the ladies out there. We need a design that will work for all kinds of bath and beauty products. Fun, elegant, o

Background information

Organization name

Custom Label Shop

Description of the organization and its target audience

We sell custom labels for everything from beer to jam, cd's to pickles, granola bars to bath products.


Food & Drink

Content details


This contest is to design a label suitable for use on bath and beauty products. The design should target women and could be fun, elegant, or formal....whatever you think might work.

The labels will be printed in process color (no foils or embossing) and be customizable to fit various applications.

The design needs to be flexible enough that we can rework it in a few different shapes as well as different color palettes (providing different palette options would help us visualize your design better).

To make the intitial design easier please use the following text but keep in mind that the label needs to work with various products so the text could be anything. The main thing is that the text lines work with the design and can be of varying lengths without destroying the overall appeal of the label.

Skincare by Francine
Body Butter
Moisturizing shae butter base with natural lavender oil
Be yourself, be beautiful
Contains all natural ingredients

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