Create the next product label for StemFuze

Aburumuhj picked a winning design in their product label contest. For just $299 they received 47 designs from 15 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next product label for StemFuze


All natural, energy, concentration, and memory enhancing pill

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

Our target audience will be energy drink consumers with an attention on college students. Initial marketing will be done online but we look to push our product into retail stores down the road.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Content details


We need a catchy, colorful and exciting label for our new product StemFuze!

StemFuze is a brain health supplement, sold in pills that will be primarily marketed towards energy drink consumers and students. Our product is designed to increase energy but also give users clinically proven ingredients to increase mental production and performance.

With an energy drink you are consuming calories, high levels of sugar, caffeine and other stimulants that can be harmful with prolonged use. With StemFuze you are consuming 0 calories, 0 sugar and less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Our product is all natural, has no crash effect and lasts up to 6 hours.

Our formula was designed by scientific researchers and has more than 7 clinically proven ingredients to fight brain fatigue, increase clarity, concentration and memory.

We need a professional, catchy and exciting label for our product. The name StemFuze is based around brain"stem" and "fuse" as in electrical charge. Our bottle will be clear in color (I have attached an image below) and our pills will be translucent green and yellow capsules. We would like the colors of the label to coexist well with the pills visible from within the bottle. Our label needs to draw the consumer in through appearance and then find a way to explain what we are and why they should buy us. Our trademark phrase "WAKE UP YOUR MIND" will need to be highly visible on the front of the bottle. We would also like "powerful, effective cognitive enhancer", "all natural" and a "60 day money back guarantee" as well.

I have seen some beautiful work from this site and that’s why I am putting my company's label in you the designer’s hands. If you need any additional info just ask, I will be watching very closely so a reply should not take long. Thank you

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