Sophisticated new wine label for premium brand

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Sophisticated new wine label for premium brand


"Argo" named after the constellation & the mythological ship that carried Jason & the Argonoughts to the golden fleece

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Our wines are made for premium wine consumers. We are targeting the top echelon; educated wine drinkers who aren't afraid to try something new.

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Moppity Vineyards ( is a premium Australian wine producer that commenced operation in 2004. Our vineyard is in the Hilltops region of NSW; a small, little recognised region that is rapidly emerging a source of some of Australia's truly great wines. In 2006 we made a wine that won a major award at the London International Wine Competition in 2008, which has been followed by a string of other awards. In the last 12 months, we've been the subject of increasing trade focus and media praise. The 2010 edition of The Big Red Wine Book stated that Moppity Vineyards is "a rising star of top-end Australian wine". Our range of wines varies in price from $50 to $10. Please check

Content details


The new brand is called "Argo" in reference to the constellation - named after the mythical ship that carried Jason and the Argonaughts on their famous quest. This name should be the focus. The label needs to be premium, fresh and contemporary. Avoid using stereotypes such as grape vines, wine glasses, grape bunches etc. You need to strike a balance between creating a strong unique identity while remaining understated and simple. Should appear expensive/premium. Subtle imagery will be preferable to the obvious. Front label guidelines: Abstract image/icon/logo, strong and simple Must appear expensive, premium, high-quality “Argo” (main focus) “single vineyard” “Hilltops” above “2008 Shiraz” Fine print: 750ml, Wine of Australia, 14.5% alc Use die cut, gold foil or any other print “tricks” you think may add value but be careful not to stray into the "tacky/gimmicky". Clasical, simple styles usually look more expensive. (check to see our current range) Back label needs: "Argo", 2008 Shiraz space for barcode, tasting notes & technical information. There are 7 wines in the range: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Sparkling. The label needs to accommodate all bottle shapes (burgundy is quite short) and varietal names ("Sauvignon Blanc Semillon" is the longest).

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