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Recipe book covers


using some really cool food photography!

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People who want to eat right buy my books. And tens of thousands of readers of my site, blog, and newsletters.

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I am an author and speaker, and I run a popular website called, helping people eat healthy (high raw, plant-based diet). So I would like the covers of these new recipe books to be colorful, bright and eye catching, and in synch with (Doesn’t have to match the branding, which will eventually change—but match the concept.) I am all about GREEN and fresh and raw-fruits-and-vegs.

Content details


I am publishing 4 recipe books, with the same covers except different titles and photos. The book size is 6” x 9”. FRONT COVER ONLY--we aren't printing a back cover. 1. Healthy Holiday Favorites (by Robyn Openshaw and Desiree Hancock) (photos attached: pomegranate salad, pumpkin pie, carrot cake, green beans) 2. The Biggest Green Smoothie Recipe Collection [title, larger point size] In the History of the World [subtitle, smaller point size] (by Robyn Openshaw) (photos attached: berry smoothie, green smoothie) 3. 101 Healthy Lunch Ideas (by Robyn Openshaw) (photos attached: hummus, mango salad, blueberry muffins, vegie wrap, sushi) 4. Robyn’s Favorite Family Recipes (by Robyn Openshaw) (photos attached: roasted vegie salad, green salad, chili potato, doughnuts, flat bread) Cover need titles and recipes. I have uploaded several photos for each book. If all don’t fit in the design (a collage, maybe?), that’s okay, just use however many you can. I would rather have an attractive cover design than a crowded design that fits all the elements in. A cover I like because it’s attention grabbing and colorful is Kristen Suzanne’s books (see them on Amazon). Don’t copy hers, just know that I like them. Authors’ names on Healthy Holiday Faves: Robyn Openshaw and Desiree Hancock The other three books, author is Robyn Openshaw

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