Private Jet Company Needs 1/2 Page Magazine Ad

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Private Jet Company Needs 1/2 Page Magazine Ad


View our sample photos, sample ad layout, and detailed spec in PDF (attached)

Background information

Organization name

Private Company

Description of the organization and its target audience

Our company is introducing an aircraft cabin management system named “Select CMS.” This is an elegant system of buttons and controls for use inside of VIP aircraft to control things like the lights, window shades, and audio/video entertainment. It is designed to give passengers a “home theatre” experience.

Please note that our niche is small jets – not large commercial airlines.

Content details


We need a print advertisement 7” x 4.875” horizontal format (see attached sample for reference only). Looking for a stylish, eye-catching graphic to convey the high quality of our product. Not opposed to using an illustrated background to allow the product to stand out more.

Please use Arial Bold for headline and subhead, Times Roman Reg. for body copy.

If using red as a color, please match our logo – PMS 199


Headline: New Cabin Management System

Subhead: Watch Blu-ray Movies, HD Moving Map, plus iPhone and iPad Integration

Bullet Features:
• The Select CMS from Flight Display Systems is the easiest, most reliable cabin management system available today for VIP customers.
• Control lights, galley equipment, window shades, and more from touch screen VIP panels.
• Watch Blu-ray movies or use your Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod to enjoy portable content in-flight.
• Visit for photos and more information

Previous Winners
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