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Contest title


Packaging design for a new product startup - Defianz


Defianz is the brand name for "Smart design easy living ergonomic products - for home, office, personal & medical use"

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

Defianz is the brand name for "Smart design easy living ergonomic products - for home, office, personal & medical use". Our high quality products are innovative and trendy - yet affordable. Focus is on easy living and convenient lifestyle.

Our brand focus is on:

1. Exclusivity / Premier (very high)
2. Quality (very high)
3. Reliability (high)
4. Ease of use (high)
5. Enhanced features & design (moderate)
6. Price (moderate)

* Our products will primarily be sold through various online stores - by resellers (hence business industry selected as "internet" )- but please note that at some stage these products will also be sold through "white good retailers" - e.g. Walmart / Staples / Sears / Best Buy etc



Content details


Your creative input is required for the product packaging design.

There are 3 distinct products - each with its own size variation. Some products require manual assembly after the package is opened, while others can be used straight out of the box. Nevertheless - each of our products are flat packed (think flat packaged products from IKEA).

3 x Blank box templates (AI files) have been attached for your reference. The art work that you design should fit the templates for each of the 3 products. The dimensions of the boxes are
1. Defianz Adjustable Table box is 650*525*230mm
2. Defianz Adjustable Stand box is 650*445*305mm
3. Defianz Desk Stand box is 340*342*258mm

Please design a clean and delightful theme for the product packaging that can be used across different product categories. Color schemes can be different for different products, but the base color should compliment [WORK WELL WITH] the colors in our logo - and all our product packaging should be able to share the "Family Look".

Please read the attached PDF file. It contains the details of what text needs to be inserted into each of the product packages. Image files (both JPEG and PSD) have been included as attachments as well.

**[05-Jan-2012] The final outcome should be an Ai file.
**[05-Jan-2012] A few of you are confused between Stand and Table (The names and products look very similar - we took sometime to get used to it as well :)) . The updated brief (pdf) document now includes a thumbnail next to each of the products to avoid confusion.



*** What kind of design do we need ? *****

Our intention is for the customer to be delighted when they receive our product. The initial reaction should be "wow" - the package looks fantastic. The look should be "chic" and "sophisticated". Our products are at the pricier end - hence the "exclusivity factor" - and "premium value feeling" should be very prevalent.

Our product packaging should make the customer feel it was worth paying the premium price. (Think Jewellery Box .. or think the sophisticated yet subtle packaging of Apple iPhone / iPads products).

The Winning entry will need to apply the chosen theme to each of the three packaging files. These files will then be sent to the printer.

*** We have uploaded additional logo files ***