Moonlite LLC needs a new print or packaging design

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Moonlite LLC needs a new print or packaging design


Asian pre Packaged foods

Background information

Organization name

Moonlite LLC

Description of the organization and its target audience

Asian pre Packaged foods. Hot Chilis, sauces, drinks, frozen foods, soups. We have a small web site up - . these are color schemes we would like to keep consistent.


Food & Drink

Content details


I would like a very fun hip design with a Young Modern Asian feel . This is to trigger a very young hip crowd as well as a very mature crowd that are Asian food lovers. We do a variety of products that range from drinks to hot sauces, to sauces. This project is for our our home made hot chilis. Company name is Moonlite LLC . Product name is "Hot Chili" with a play on words " Aphrodisiac for your taste buds" (you can be creative with this also, and change at your discretion) . The Hot Chili is made of a mixture of habaneros, serranos , jalapeno peppers all chopped and marinated in our house special sauce. The color to the sauce is a very dark Carmel (pepsi , soy sauce colors). It's not a standard "Red hot sauce that's tangy" . It has a bit of a kick. Good for rice, steaks, chicken.. etc. It's very versatile.

The bottle looks like a drink bottle. size would be roughly 3.43" x 1.93 . I am very adamant about the color schemes. If you want to get creative and incorporate colors for the product you can get creative however, the standard colors must be the main colors. We like the Black , Red feel. Like a urban Asian feel. I like the look of this label to feel, modern, contemporary, hip, young, memorable and luring.

I am not married to a particular font. Feel free to be creative here.

I will be attaching a product design I've done for one of my drinks. I love the color scheme, and the little panda. However, this design seems to be very flat, and I need something with more pizazz.

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