Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalking Through Christmas” Card

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalking Through Christmas” Card


Not specified

Background information


I’d like to make a great Christmas card for fans, friends, and my mom and dad.

Brand Name

Mike Birbiglia

Brief Summary

I’m comedian and writer Mike Birbiglia. I have 3 specials on Comedy Central, and appear regularly on This American Life on Public Radio as well as The Bob & Tom Radio Show. This year I wrote a book called “Sleepwalk With Me And Other Painfully True Stories.”

Content details


I plan to print this card as a horizontal or vertical 5x7, with a message on the inside. Basically you need to design the cover art for this card. I’d like the card to have a “Sleepwalking Through Christmas” theme, or somehow be related to my new book. The most important thing is that it’s funny and maybe even ridiculous. It could be some sort of parody of a vintage Christmas card, perhaps black and white, I’m just not sure. The card art should probably include my image, and then the sky is the limit. Things it might include: Santa, Christmas Tree, Christmas stockings, my book under the tree. If you’re familiar with my work, which you can check out on, you might get some other ideas and references to use. My online store at will give you a sense of the designs I like and have used in the past. I’ve attached the cover art for the book, as well as the graphic of my only other greeting card, a sympathy card. I've also attached approved pictures, other pictures of me you find online are fair game, as are drawings, cartoon versions. Also, my 10 favorite entries in this contest will receive a signed copy of my book! Thanks for reading! THE DELIVERABLE WILL BE AT LEAST 300 DPI, AND PRINTABLE AS A 5" x 7" CARD FRONT.

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