Law Firm New Associate Announcement Mailer

Matt Bares picked a winning design in their print & packaging design contest. For just $257 they received 63 designs from 9 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Law Firm New Associate Announcement Mailer


Milwaukee Law Firm Mailer

Background information


When a new attorney joins our firm we take that opportunity to send an announcement to our clients of the new hire. The current mailer is very dated and needs to be redone. Unfortunately we have very little unification between our very dated print media and our somewhat less dated website,

Brand Name

Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols S.C.

Brief Summary

MEISSNER TIERNEY FISHER & NICHOLS S.C. is a law firm with an exceptional history, which spans more than 150 years. Since its beginnings in 1848, the firm has been located in downtown Milwaukee, in the heart of the city's major financial, business and governmental district. Our offices are located on the 19th and 20th floors of the Milwaukee Center – an office, hotel and theater complex, across the street from historic City Hall. MEISSNER TIERNEY FISHER & NICHOLS S.C. has a sophisticated practice, often found at much larger law firms. The firm's structure enables it to assure that client problems receive the attention of experienced attorneys. Long-term relationships with clients are fostered to provide continuity of representation, based on a well-grounded understanding of each client's personal and business history. The firm's lawyers are able to closely interact with each other. By design, they are not isolated into specialty departments. This pooling of expertise and experiences leads to a comprehensive and creative approach to solving problems and meeting client needs. At the same time, the personal attention of the lead lawyer, well known to the client, is retained.

Content details


Given we are a law firm the design needs to be constrained and very professional, however, I’d like to see some small contemporary flashes (if that makes any sense). I’m attaching the old mailer, and a few pictures of the building (only because thats what they've always done but if you have better ideas by all means), if you’re interested in any other art please let me know. Also included is what I would consider very poor redesign attempt that made by a local printer. It’s the basic direction and he had some solid ideas one being that the mailer be a post card which I do like but I think we can do a lot better.

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