Killer B Fitness Flyer

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Contest title


Killer B Fitness Flyer


1st of several projects. Help us reach millions of new clients!

Background information


Although the majority of our clients are female aged 35-55 who are looking to lose weight, we want to target males and females from the teens to their late 60's. Our desired audience includes people with all fitness backgrounds and levels. We want to target all the people who are not seeing results with their current program such as those at the large health clubs.

Brand Name

Killer B Fitness

Brief Summary

Primary Message: We are a cardio training center. We are not a typical gym. We have the formula that works every time to help people get fit, lose weight and feel great. They get addicted to the results. We have a circuit of 5 cardio machines (Cycleops Power Meter Bicycles, Concept 2 rowers, Life Fitness Ellipticals, VersaClimbers, Vasa Swim Trainers). It's Personal Training without the cost. Secondary Message Get more by interval training. Train smart by heart rate and wattage. Daily/weekly contests and competitions Results Guaranteed.

Content details


This must be a 2 sided flyer. On one side it may have a fit guy and girl on machines and on the other side it may say "First Class Free" and have info about Killer B with the logo. These are just ideas. You can be creative. I've attached some photos, but you may need to photo shop them to get them right. We want a 5 inch by 8 inch flier or something of similar size that can be mass distributed in parking lots and other crowded areas that will attract attention. Our website is You can find more out about us there. We'd like this flier to target those who are looking for results, such as weight loss, improved energy, healthier heart, etc. We want it to appear welcoming, motivational and like it's a new hope for them to get in great shape. We'd definitely like some quality photos that portray a welcoming and fun atmosphere. We'd like it to appeal to clients of all ages - like a family experience. We are affordable, convenient and produce results. Our fees are listed on the website, but our most attractive pricing for new members is $99/month with a 3 month commitment. Our MAIN GOAL IS TO TRIPLE our current membership and expand with more locations on a national level. We want people to call us (805) 448-2222 and visit our website at Their first class is free. It may be good to challenge people with a question such as: Are you getting results with your workouts? Tired of working out and not losing weight? Want to never worry about weight problems again? Be as creative as you want. Just make me a great flier that attracts attention. We are looking to take this concept to a huge level.

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