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Contest title


Exclusive Secret VIP Launch Party Poster/Flyer


Hosted by Paris Hilton's personal Dj, part of a guerilla marketing campaign.

Background information


Upper market UK locals in the north east & university students, aged 18-30.

Brand Name

Hush Hush

Brief Summary

I'm an events promoter Launching a new club on Saturday the 30th of October.

Content details


1 A2 Poster design Adaptation of poster in A5 size flyer. This is part of a guerilla marketing campaign to launch a new event and club in the city. It will be promoted as a secret VIP launch party, with lots of guerilla marketing techniques which will slowly release all the details of the party, i.e. DJ, location, time etc. Even though this event (In this secret party form) is technically just a one off event, the branding will be a precursor for the regular Saturday nights there which will begin and run every Saturday after the 30th. The event will be called "Hush Hush". This is being pitched to attract a very fashionable, upper market (but not necessarily well off) audience. The campaign is based around capturing peoples imagination, so It has to be reflected in very striking and original art work. Key aspects: Must be very striking Must be clear that it is a secret party. Possible styles (Not essential): Predominantly black and white Minimalist Baroque Notes: Originally my thoughts were to have a very minimalist design, with a large question mark. My first design: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos…5436_n.jpg If you have something special to show me that isn't minimalist, great -- I'm open to ideas. Below is a design I love: http://overnightprints.com/blog/wp-…lastik.jpg