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Contest title


Create the next print or packaging design for Marc Wong


Author looking for book cover design for self-help book

Background information

Organization name

Marc Wong

Description of the organization and its target audience

Author looking for book cover design for self-help book


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


Book title is "Thank You for Listening"
Subtitle is "Listening Skills and Insights from Everyday Situations"
Author "Marc Wong"
Back cover blurb:
"Read the most simple and thorough explanation of the basic listening skills you have ever seen. Learn how paying attention to a speaker is like playing poker. See how listening is like movies. Read why women love shoes and see how appreciating the compromises that people have to make leads to empathy. Learn how to serve people’s different speaking needs. Learn to be a good audience when someone has something to share or vent. Learn how to contribute to a conversation without taking it over. Learn how to bring support, encouragement, objectivity, integrity and other basic values to an uncertain or trying situation."

Would like book title to express gratitude and grab people's attention. Book tries to be helpful, thought-provoking, thorough, and informative. Cover should try to convey those ideals as well. I probably won't like cliche listening images such as ears and hearing aids.

Not sure about dimension of book because I'll try electronic publishing first. Book cover should still look good when shrunk to an icon with a height of 115 pixels such as on

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