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By Angus_peter_chisholm
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Congratulations to the winner, Grey Alice!

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Design brief

Organization name

Aenghus Chisholm Fiction Author

Description of business

Adult Fiction Author - I need a book cover designed.

Organization industry

None specified


This is a 93,000 work of fiction (350 typeset pages) about Merlin from the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The cover for both the paperback and the e-book versions should measure 18cm (180mm) high 11cm (110mm) wide and 2.4cm (24mm) depth.

I need two versions produced one that has the ISBN barcode on the back and the other with a blank space where future ISBN's may be inserted for the various e-book versions of the novel.

Front Cover Words in any order - i.e. Author First or Title First:
Aenghus Chisholm
AD 491: Merlin the Sorcerer

Back Cover Words:
Merlin embarks on a passionate affair with Morgan Le Fay, sister to King Arthur. But the beautiful and other-worldly faerie Nimue has other ideas for Merlin.
King Arthur is facing battle with the murderous Saxon overlord Aelle. Meanwhile the self-absorbed ruler of the Faerie people Hellekin, is set to intervene in Arthur’s battle because of Nimue’s involvement with the humans. This causes a situation that may tip the balance of power to the invading warmonger.
Enter a tangled web of intrigue and lust, sorcery and sword fights, as the lives of these mythical figures intersect and irrevocably change the natural course of events in the year AD 491.


Further requirements

This is a work of Adult Fiction. It has some quite steamy scenes in it; so definitely for Adults 18 years and over. It is a sword & sorcery fantasy tale. The first of six in this particular series. It Re-tells the Welsh legend of King Arthur. It is a very sexy version of the tale and dispells with parts of the legend that were published by Sir Thomas Mallory in the 15th century novel "Le Morte D'Arthur", i.e. The Death of Arhtur. Meaning that there is no Camelot, no Lancelot and no quest for the holy grail in the British Isles of the 5th century.
Merlin is a well read sage and he takes Morgan Le Fay, half-sister to Arthur, as firstly his pupil and later his lover. Meanwhile Arthur is planning is battle with King Aelle of Sussex which takes place in the year 491. Distracted by thoughts of earthly pleasures and the potential of beginning a family of his own, Merlin is not available to assist Arthur in his battle with Aelle. This is that story.

Although paperback copies will be printed and made for sale over Amazon, they will primarily be used as review copies to drive interest in the e-book versions. Firstly Kindle, then the others.

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