The Corn Is Forever

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The Corn Is Forever


Rescuing the America That We All Loved As Children

Background information


The target audience for this memoir is the generation of Americans who grew up after World War II -- the nearly 100 million baby boomers who have lived through the changes that are obvious to all of them.

Brand Name

Gordon S. Black, Ph.D.

Brief Summary

The America that Gordon Black grew up in was a land of economic opportunity, a democracy that worked most of the time for most of the people, and a culture that generously rewarded hard work, decency, kindness and imagination. Now in his 60's, Gordon Black's American has degenerated into a society of greater and greater inequality, a democracy that today functions only for the powerful and the connected, and a culture that has embraced greed, fatalism, negativity and conformity - a culture that rewards who you know more than what you are. . The Corn Is Forever is one man's story of overcoming tremendous odds to succeed, only to see the things he loved the most about his country taken from his children and grandchildren. The book is an appeal to Americans to take back what is rightfully theirs, and to restore our heritage of freedom and opportunity to our children and grandchildren.

Content details


This is a cover for an unpublished autobiography of Gordon Black, the man who build Harris Interactive, the owner of the Harris Poll, into the largest Internet based polling firm in the world, and the fastest growing. This cover will appear on his book, which will published on a new site called, which is a site designed to bring together budding authors and sophisticated and serious readers.

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