Bottle label design for wine cellar Vizir


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Contest title


Bottle label design for wine cellar Vizir


Looking for new, attractive label design for wines

Background information

Organization name

Vizir d.o.o.

Description of the organization and its target audience

We are a company that has a wine cellar and a microbrewery. Last year we held a contest for label design for beer, but this year we want to change labels on our wines. So that is why we are looking for new label design.


Food & Drink

Content details


We need 3 different labels for three different lines(categories) of our wines (white wines, red wines and premium wines). That's why the color of label must be different for these three lines. Shape and basic design should be the same, but the high quality or let's say premium line should look more luxury. We have many different sorts of wines, so the name of the wine will be different for each wine.
Our story is connected to horses so if possible shape of horse or anything regarding horses could be used in design.
We will have a front and back label. Front label should be elegant and recognizable and the back label should be simple and easy.

In front label should be written in slovenian (the translation in english is beside so you can understand the meaning):
-Metliška črnina PTP (name of red wine-for label of red wine),
-Belokranjec PTP (name for white wine-for label of white wine),
-Beli pinot (name for premium wine for premirum category)
- name of our company, maybe just our logo. The point is that the label should be recognizable for potential customer.

On the back label must be written basic information about wine, where we will be able to print on label by ourselfs few informations, which are changeable.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! More defined back label:

a) "Vinorodni okoliš Bela krajina"
(the area, where product is made)
This one has to be most apparent, biggest on label.

b) "Pridelano v Sloveniji"
(made in Slovenia)

c) "name of wine"
(the same as in front label)

d) "Pridelava in polnitev: Vizir d.o.o., Lokve 10b, 8340 Črnomelj
tel.041 788 945,,"
(producted and filled by and address)

e) "Vsebuje sulfit"
(contains sulphite)

f) If possible, some place for description of wine.

g) Other information below as in back.pdf
-št. serije: (number of series)
-št. odločbe, volumen: (decision number, volume)
-letnik: (year of wine)
-alkohol (vol. %): (alcohol content)



I would like you to provide us also with picture of label on bottle attached.

We decided to guarantee the contest but system doesn't allow us to do this until we have 10 designs.