Book Cover -- The Wine Hunter

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Book Cover -- The Wine Hunter


The life story of Australia's greatest winemaker

Background information


Buyers of a prestige LIMITED EDITION book. Principally food and wine lovers though this is written in the style of a novel. ***I want people who don't usually buy wine books to be drawn to this story.*** This will be an expensively produced book; the audience and design will reflect this.

Brand Name

The Wine Hunter

Brief Summary

I am the author of The Wine Hunter. This book was released commercially in 2006 but I am releasing a limited edition hard-cover version. The aim of this edition is that it be beautifully produced. It is a romantic tale of a French-Australian who gave up everything to make great wine between 1921-1956.

Content details


The front cover of this book will be 200mm across x 235mm down. The spine will be 32 mm. This is the story of a great Australian winemaker. He worked between 1921 and 1956. His name was Maurice O'Shea. He was French-Australian. There is a picture of his winery here: I want a beautiful cover. Stylish. Book title: The Wine Hunter Book sub-title: The real life story of Australia's greatest winemaker Author's name: Campbell Mattinson The front or back cover will include these words: “One of the most remarkable wine books to come my way … It will capture anyone who reads it: this is not a wine geek book but an epic.” James Halliday, THE AUSTRALIAN On the back cover: “(The) Wine Hunter is a breakthrough wine book: an astonishing, cerebral, emotional entanglement of fact and dramatisation, of tender detail and beautiful, expressive words. Has there ever been a wine book written quite this way?” Jeni Port, THE AGE On the back cover: "This is the best book on wine to be published in Australia for many, many years”. Max Allen, THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN On the back cover: “I started reading a wine book last weekend and finished it on the Sunday night. Literally couldn’t put it down." Paddy Kendlar, Herald-Sun And: "Campbell Mattinson is arguably Australia’s most literate, and certainly most literary, wine writer. I ... admire his monograph on the Hunter Valley pioneer Maurice O’Shea immensely.” Jancis Robinson As an idea of my personal taste, I think this is a beautiful cover: ... though the design here doesn't have to be along these lines. We will worry about getting it print ready later. Good luck! Campbell Mattinson.

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