Book Cover Design - for Retailing

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Book Cover Design - for Retailing


Dubai travel guides

Background information


There are two audiences: 1. The guide book shopper (tourists). We will be selling the book at popular incoming destinations to Dubai in the international airport book stores, in Hotel shops locally and in the major tourist attraction gift shops here in Dubai. 2. The second audience is residents looking for a book that offers information and value. There are other books on the market (see that are offering a similar style of book, although ours will be the first all in one, offering the best of the best vouchers, along with day planners ( information on what to do in and around town) - we want to stand out & apart from these books.

Brand Name

Brief Summary

We are a new company who are marketing travel guides with vouchers to tourists. We are also releasing a voucher book to the residential market, which offers savings for everyday outings. Our categories for both books, encompass eating out (5* restaurants and everyday cafes), Attractions (from waterparks to the Burj Khalifa tower), Entertainment (Golf to movies), Kids (attractions, things to do), Beauty and Spa (facials, massages), Health and Fitness (yoga & gym sessions), General service (residents only - dry cleaning, maid services) and Shopping (retail discounts on luxury and everyday brands). The books are being produced alongside a website that will also contain the vouchers in the book, and hundreds more for Dubai and it's surrounds.

Content details


We are looking for a brand new cover for our soon-to-be launched voucher books for We need a really dynamic cover page for the retail book. Document size: A5 vertical ( 5mm bleed) Logo must be on design · Title of books: - Dubai Resident Voucher Book - Dubai Visitor Voucher and Travel Guide · Price logo: $34USD should be incorporated · Tag line: All in One Voucher Book (Residents) and Guide Book for Visitors (The new way to travel) · Must clearly state 'voucher' and 2011 · Use photos of Dubai Landmarks and/or icons depicting things to do with shopping, eating, recreation, etc - Option to include all/some tag lines: Over 70 retail brands, 60 top restaurants and all the top local attractions, Visitors – Hundreds of Ways to Save During Your Stay! Residents – Hundreds of Ways to Save on Things You Do Every Day! - Above all - Keep it clean and simple!

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